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Students peruse class options at Curriculum Night

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There are few places in the world where a single space may be inhabited by robots, medical equipment and debate trophies alike, but that collection of items and much more adorns Northwest’s cafeteria for one night every year.

Each year, Northwest hosts curriculum night, an event designed to educate prospective Northwest attendees and current students alike in class offerings at the school. Students and families are invited to walk from table to table and soak in the happenings at the school; each table contains decorations for a specific class or club along with relevant information.

“I learned a lot about the classes I’m going to take next year,” freshman Andreea Alecse said. “Just seeing all the people that are actually engaged with the displays instead of just walking right by them is really awesome.”

Visitors to the event were encouraged to interact

with those behind the booths; because of this, the event was highly interactive. Curriculum night seeks to be more than just a static display; rather, it aims to be a time for students and parents to get to know the people with whom they may be working in the future.

Connections are important to make for any student seeking out new classes to take, but they also add excitement for those staffing the booths.

“I enjoyed seeing the kids faces when they saw the large range of classes we have at Northwest, especially coming from middle school,” junior Alana Roy said. “It made me appreciate Northwest a little bit more because of the options and freedom we’re given.”

A commonly cited advantage of the event comes from the visibility it gives to classes on campus. Some classes are a ways off the beaten path, and many don’t even realize some of the options they have until they see them on their registration forms. Curriculum night is an opportunity to inform students of their possibilities.

“The most interesting thing I saw was the setup for all of the CTE classes since they were all prominent,” Alecse said. “It gives you a lot more of a perspective so you can see that there are so many options.”

While career night serves many purposes, it may be best-suited underclassmen who may have a less developed sense of what Northwest provides.

“I would recommend career night to rising ninth and tenth graders because that’s when you start figuring out the path you want to take in high school,” Roy said.

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Students peruse class options at Curriculum Night