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Brewbaker builds bots

Junior Matthew Brewbaker types on a computer. He has dedicated many hours to robotics.

Junior Matthew Brewbaker types on a computer. He has dedicated many hours to robotics.

Junior Matthew Brewbaker types on a computer. He has dedicated many hours to robotics.

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Junior Matthew Brewbaker started on Team 2655, also known as “The Flying Platypi,” in middle school with the impression he wanted to be a electrical engineer, but he ended up finding his true passion in marketing while working with the team.

He is the head of the marketing department on his team and hopes to be president next year. His job is to make sure that everything is standardized and constantly pushes his teammates to make deadlines. There are two parts to the robotics team, one is called the Outreach Department and the other is the Robot design Department.

“I’m in the Outreach, so currently we’re working on the website and our competition  design for our pit,” junior Matthew Brewbaker said. “I try to stay as involved as I can with the robot, it’s just that there’s a lot going on that I have to deal with.”

During build season, the robotics team meets from six to nine everyday, and Saturdays from eight in the morning to five in the evening. Matthew has experienced a lot of late nights this year because of his drive to get the tedious tasks accomplished. They normally have off Sundays, but because of how much work the team has to get done before the deadline, they have been meeting on those days, too.

“I basically spend all my time in word reformatting books, going around and asking people for information to put in it, working on the website, talking to people [and] communicating with other departments because I’m the head of my department,” Brewbaker said.

The Robot Design Department builds the robot in two weeks and they’re done, but with outreach it is all year long. They have robot demonstrations during the summertime and in the fall to spread the message of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in the local community.

“Matthew is on FRC, an organization above [Northwest’s], and they build bigger robots,” sophomore Christa Simaan said. “It’s a wider scale of what we do.”

Matthew has built a strong foundation with Team 2655, and he enjoys the many memories he has made with his teammates.

“You build such a strong team here because you spend so much time together,” Brewbaker said. “We rely on each other so much that robotics is like a family.”

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Brewbaker builds bots