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OCS department hosts Valentine’s Day Fundraiser: “Crush for a Crush”

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OCS department hosts Valentine’s Day Fundraiser: “Crush for a Crush”

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Northwest’s OCS department is offering a unique fundraiser for Valentine’s Day. Students can buy a soda that will be sent to the person of their choosing, also called “a Crush for your crush.”

OCS teachers Dakota Keller and Debra Fyler arranged for the fundraiser, and the money will go to supporting their department’s needs, from field trips to supplies.

“[In order to take a] field trip to educate the students, we have to pay for the bus driver and the bus,” Fyler explained.

One field trip the class hopes to make soon is a trip to the Special Olympics.

The sales take place during all four lunches at Northwest next to the cafeteria and outside Room 412. The fundraiser officially began Monday, Feb. 5.

“We sold so far five sales,” Filer said.

One dollar for one Crush– Grape is for friendship, Orange is for a crush and Strawberry is for Love. Students select their flavor and write a note to their chosen recipient to be delivered during second period on Valentine’s Day.

“The person who buys will write the other person’s classroom that they have for 2nd period,” Fyler said.

The note can even be anonymous, as long as it’s school-appropriate.

“It’s another way for them [the OCS kids] to learn how to count money and handle money and deliver things,” Fyler said. “The kids have to enter so many hours of service learning, and this is a way for them to get hours.”

Sophomore Kelsey Cheney is one of the kids who is participating in this fundraising. Cheney expressed how much she likes the sales.

“I think I like it because it’s raising money,” Cheney said. “It basically will help us.”

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OCS department hosts Valentine’s Day Fundraiser: “Crush for a Crush”