Movies You Missed in 2017


Every year, tons of new movies hit box offices, DVD, or streaming services. It’s hard to stay updated on all of them, and there are many movies that stand out compared to others. You hear about the more liked, higher rated movies more often than the movies that got mixed reviews, or that didn’t do so well in box office. Here is a list of seven of movies you might have missed out on during 2017.

  1. Split (PG-13)

Split is a thriller movie about a man who has multiple personalities that take turns controlling the body. He kidnaps three girls and keep them as food for “the Beast.” The movie follows the girls and the man and watches as the different personalities react to them as they are attempting to escape. The movie itself has received mixed reviews, but at its core, the movie did a good job of tying the theme together at the end. James McAvoy, who plays the man, does an incredible job of portraying each personality individually, making it almost seem as if he is really multiple people. The thriller wasn’t too thrilling itself, with only one or two chilling moments of horror. Although, some scenes were a bit disturbing, creating an eerie effect.

  1. A Dog’s Purpose (PG)

A Dog’s Purpose is a fun, happy movie about a dog named Bailey who is trying to find his purpose in life. He lives with his owner, Ethan, until he ends up dying of old age. Suddenly, he reawakes as another dog. This time, he has a new purpose to fill. This cycle continues as he is in search of Ethan to reunite with his old best friend. Overall, the movie showed the many purposes dogs have, whether it be for comfort, company, protection, or a police dog. It also shows times when humans need dogs the most, through almost all emotions. One flaw this movie had was how the ending seemed to go too perfectly, maybe a little deus ex machina. Regardless, the movie is great to watch with anyone in the family- even cat lovers!

  1. Fist Fight (R)

Fist Fight takes place on the last day of school in high school before summer break. The kids are going crazy, and aren’t taking any orders or commands. The teachers are just trying to get through the day, while worrying about securing their jobs for the next year. One teacher accidentally crosses a hardcore teacher too hard and is challenged to a fist fight after school in the parking lot. The movie is full of chaos and unfortunate events leading up to the fight. The movie is funny and witty throughout, with hilarious sub plots going on to stall the main plot from advancing. The ending is a great wrap up to the story that isn’t expected, and actually holds a valuable lesson. It is not the best movie to watch with your family for its inappropriate jokes and comments, but is still enjoyable nonetheless.

  1. A Cure for Wellness (R)

This horror movie, A Cure for Wellness, is sure to keep you in the back of your seat, curled up and shaking out of disgust. It is about a reporter who is investigating a mental health institute, who decides to go and retrieve his boss due to his elongated absence. The reporter ends up stuck there, and finding out he may be mentally unstable too, needing the cure the institute provides to its patients. He truly goes mad, and tries to hunt down the evil secrets of the place. This movie is more disturbing than horror, but still creates the same effect. A lot of the events that take place are gross procedures, self-harm, or plain immoral. If you are into this genre, it is definitely the movie for you. If not, I’d advice skipping this one on the list.

  1. Kong: Skull Island (PG-13)

Kong: Skull Island is another King Kong movie with a stunning setting. Set in the 1970’s, a group of researchers, cartographers, and a tracker go to map an island in the South Pacific named “Skull Island.” They find King Kong quickly, as well as many other unearthly creatures that come after them. The characters are not easy to connect with, and some of their actions don’t seem reasonable, but the overall story was put together well. It also looked beautiful, showing a grand island full of beauty. There are a few sad scenes that can easily make you feel sorry for the characters, but it doesn’t last too long. This is a great movie to watch during family night and will leave you with satisfaction.

  1. What Happened to Monday (R)

What Happened to Monday is a Netflix original movie with a very unique story. Humans began running out of food, so we began using strong GMO’s to create a massively larger crop yield to feed the population. The GMO’s led to genetic mutations, causing multiple births to become way more common. Eventually, humans had to be only childs so that the population wouldn’t keep spiking. Any babies born after the first would be put into “cryosleep” until the population was stable. The story follows identical septuplets who hide and take turns going into the world as one person, each named after a day of the week. When Monday goes missing, it’s up to the other six sisters to figure out what happened to Monday. This movie is not well known, but is a great movie to watch with a friend. Noomi Rapace, the main actor, portrays all seven sisters in the movie. She does it incredibly well, taking note of all of their slight differences. There are a few scenes that are more adult, but overall is a good watch as long as you are mature.

  1. Mother! (R)

Mother! is an odd movie with ties to the Bible, but is not directly mentioned to be so. It is a horror/thriller that explains the history of humans as seen through the Bible, from beginning to end. It starts with a man and a woman, meant to portray God and Mother Nature, who have a nice home and live in peace. The man is a writer, and the woman takes care of the house, representing Earth. As time goes on, it shows another man and woman come in seeking hospitality, then their sons coming, and one of the sons killing the other. The movie progresses showing humans coming more and more to see the writer because they love his writings and follow them religiously. As more humans come, they become more greedy and the house begins to fall apart. The biblical ties stay intact the entire time, and you are watching from the initial woman’s point of view as everything she has created falls apart. The movie is odd, and it is hard to know what’s truly going on without the background knowledge and links to the Bible. The ending is a nice twist no one saw coming, and makes you rethink our very existence. The thriller aspect picks up as the movie moves on, and by the end you are in horror.

These seven movies are great movies to catch up with in 2018, and will give you something to do on the weekends and upcoming holidays.