Students keep up their new year’s resolutions


A notebook has four unknown goals in it. Many people find it difficult to set a resolution they can keep.

On the morning of the first of January, many people awaken already planning the entire month before getting out of bed. The start of a new year means the start of many other things. Or, the ditching of old habits. Overall, the beginning of 2018 means addressing the big question: what are your resolutions?

Setting a goal for oneself within the new year has been practiced for over four thousand years. Along with planning goals, people also tend to abandon them before they reach February. But some students at Northwest aren’t having much trouble at all.

“My older sister challenged me to this thing called Veganuary,” sophomore Austin Paul said. For the entire month of January, Paul has not eaten any animal products.

“[Veganism] isn’t as hard as I thought it would be,” Paul said. “Sometimes I might almost eat something that is not vegan and be like ‘Oh, wait, I can’t eat that.’” Many foods have animal products in them, even if they aren’t made with meat. Recently, since veganism is becoming more popular, many restaurants and grocery stores offer specific vegan foods along with catering to other dietary restrictions like gluten-allergy.

“I’m considering [continuing veganism after January],” Paul said. “It’s more of a challenge to myself to see if I can do it.”

Another student is also taking steps to reach her resolution.

“I want to try and go to the gym more often,” sophomore Christa Simaan said. “I’m trying to lose weight.”

A popular new year’s resolution is to lose weight, whether by dieting, exercising or both. However, many people never follow through to their goal. But those who do find themselves happier when they reach their goal.

“I’ve been to the gym many times already since the beginning of the year,” Simaan said. And she plans to continue.

With support from family and friends, reaching a goal isn’t difficult. And new year’s resolutions are no different. Often, people don’t achieve their resolutions, or set any in the first place. But without realizing it, people set goals all the time. The pressure of a major resolution can be overwhelming and discouraging, but taking small steps is a good way to start.