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Hacks to ease athletes’ lives

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It’s no surprise that being a student athlete can be a draining task. Practice every day on top of homework can really take it out of you, and any little tip that could make any of that easier is a welcome one. For this reason, athletes at Northwest have been taking steps to make their sports just a little bit more bearable .

Almost every athlete has one little thing they always do to help make their equipment just a little more comfortable, easier to use, or look better. One example of this is how baseball players oil and bake their gloves. When one first buys a brand new mitt, it’s stiff; however, with a little bit of glove oil and some time in the oven, that stiff leather will soften right up.

“I always bake every glove I buy,” sophomore Ian Norris said. “It helps when I’m breaking it in. The pocket [also] gets a better shape.”

Additionally, after use, some equipment can become unpleasant to say the least. For this reason, athletes also have solutions to keep bad smells away from their things. An example of a piece of equipment that needs this protection is knee pads. In volleyball, knee pads are worn in order to cushion the fall when a player dives to get a ball just before it gets to the ground. When sweat gets into the elastic/ foam that they are made of, it can be a disaster to try to get it out. For this reason, many volleyball players put deodorant on their knees as a protective measure.

“[Deodorant] works really well to keep your knee pads from smelling awful,” junior Courtlyn Leonard said.

Athletes lead a very active and busy life, so some of these life hacks can really aid in making life just a bit easier.

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Hacks to ease athletes’ lives