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Field hockey player’s hard work earns her Offensive Player of the Year

Photo contributed by Emma Acree

Photo contributed by Emma Acree

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Blood, sweat and tears: the dedication of athletes after years of playing a sport never fails to impress. Hours upon hours are put into developing their skills and becoming players with exceeding amounts of prowess in their respective sports. They grow both in their skill as a player and as part of a team, and for Senior Emma Acree, this journey has not gone unnoticed.

Acree was awarded Offensive Player of the Year for 2017 on Nov. 14 by the North Carolina Field Hockey Association, an organization aiming to support high school-aged girls playing field hockey.

“I had no idea [that I got it] until [Coach Kaitlyn Brown] announced it at the banquet and gave me the award,” Acree said. “I was excited and proud because I’ve worked very hard these past for years, and it was nice to see that it has paid off in some way.”

Like many atheletes, Acree appreciates when her efforts and achievements come to fruition.

“My stats were really strong, and [the deciding committee] recognize that I’m a team player,” Acree said. “I was leading scorer without having to try and pad my stats.”

What is important for athletes to note is that teamwork does not impede individual success in the slightest, something which Acree realizes.

“I play in a way that helps the team, not just myself, and still ended up with the best stats,” Acree said.

However, Acree did not become so successful overnight. She has played field hockey for eight years, including all throughout her time in high school. Her continued participation has been an area of solace in her life.

“I love the sport as a whole, so… when circumstances became difficult, I let my love of the game push me through it,” Acree said.

Acree has found that field hockey has benefits that have far extended just physical fitness.

“I have made some great friends, and [playing] has taught me how to work hard and to not be selfish,” Acree said

After all of her time playing, Acree has ascertained certain ideas about the importance of teamwork in her own success.

“[I would recommend other players] just to always do what is best for the team because it shows the true skill of a player when they can be a team player,” Acree said.

Photo contributed by Emma Acree

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Field hockey player’s hard work earns her Offensive Player of the Year