CTE teacher David Lambert hopes to return to the classroom soon


David Lambert’s staff photo from 2013. He has been on medical leave since late April 2017.

During the final week of April 2017, Northwest CTE teacher Dave Lambert had his gall bladder removed. While usually a routine surgery, there were complications that developed, and Lambert had to be re-hospitalized.

Because of a leak and a build-up of fluids, Lambert found it difficult to breathe. In May, he was in critical condition in ICU and on life support. After performing kidney dialysis, his vital signs improved; however, he was not discharged from the hospital until late June, and he wasn’t sent home from rehabilitation until July– nearly three months since the initial procedure.

Lambert, who has been a popular teacher of engineering and drafting at Northwest since 1998, has been on medical leave ever since.

“He is beloved by his students and colleagues,” CTE teacher Kara Winicki said.

In early November, Winicki organized a fundraiser to help pay for some of Lambert’s medical expenses. This consisted of selling cookies, baked and store-bought, and the fundraiser managed to raise $600 for Lambert.

“We had students from Deca and FBLA help sell [the cookies],” Winicki said. “FCCLA and early childhood students helped to make the baked ones.”

Helping Lambert is very much rooted in loyalty to Northwest to Winicki.

“I thought that with all the fundraising going on, we should do something because this is one of our own,” Winicki said.

Northwest’s effort hasn’t gone unappreciated by Lambert.

“My wife and I are blown away by your generosity,” Lambert said in an email message to the staff of Northwest.

In spite of his prolonged absence, Lambert hopes to come back soon.

“If the doctor releases me, the plan is to return to school after Christmas break,” Lambert said in the email.

The students and staff have adored Lambert for many years, and his return to Northwest will be celebrated by many.

“He is the sweetest, kindest person,” Winicki said.