Stress weighs on students

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It’s November. The first quarter is over, and now the real work is starting to accumulate. Teachers are no longer taking it easy or letting students get used to their classes. Now, the hard work truly begins.

As the days get shorter, many students find themselves getting more stressed as well. While most students feel stress regardless of the season, it tends to especially magnify during the last few months of the year. Many students agree, but what is the cause?

“The stress of having to keep up with all of the assignments is pretty intense,” sophomore Sean Martineau said.

Teachers often assign projects to complete over extended breaks from school, believing that students should be able to complete them during their days off. However, this doesn’t explain why so many teachers assign these projects at once.  

“Not only are [the students] looking forward to the holidays,” Martineau said. “But also the teachers are, so that ends up with a lot of crammed assignments before the break.”

When the cold weather approaches, so do the holidays. Students and teachers alike are often preparing to visit family out of state, and travel plans take some focus away from classwork. But it’s never only one subject. Each teacher will assign their own tests and projects in the coming months, and some will overlap. This only causes the student more stress.

When faced with increasing amount of work, many students tend to avoid it altogether. They will procrastinate until the very last possible minute, and then rush to finish. Others make planners and organizers to keep their thoughts clear and prevent stress in general.

“[Whenever I feel stressed] I just stop doing homework,” said senior Hannah Wilson.

However students approach their schoolwork, teachers will find assignments turned in on the desk. The process may induce hair-pulling, nail-biting and many all-nighters, but students will meet their deadlines regardless. And maybe they can enjoy their holiday as well.

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