Do businesses advertise for the holidays too soon?


Target sets up decorations before Thanksgiving. The decorations are displayed through the holiday season.

Do businesses advertise for the holidays too soon? Even before Thanksgiving is over, we’re exposed to so many advertisements about how amazing the holiday season is, and how we should all think about what our loved ones want for Christmas.

I love the holiday season, and I’m constantly pondering what presents to get my friends and family. The advertisements help me find the best ideas for gifts in the holiday season. I wouldn’t mind seeing Christmas advertisements year round because it gets me so excited to think about spending time with my friends and family.

“I personally love Christmas, and think that the advertisements should last as long as possible,” senior Trevor Church said, “It makes everybody less upset.”

Most of my friends celebrate Christmas and spend all winter preparing for it, but some friends don’t celebrate it at all. I can understand why they would get annoyed seeing Christmas advertisements all over television and in stores, but Christmas isn’t just about the birth of Jesus Christ; Christmas is also about spreading joy and positivity in your community.

Spreading joy and positivity is one of the many things people do in the holiday season and can be spread through the advertisements we see on a day-to-day basis. I would argue that advertisements and shops full of Christmas items bring people together, no matter what time of year. When stores start to stock the shelves full of ugly Christmas sweaters, hot chocolate, and lively decorations, people everywhere can’t help but get a little bit more joyful.

Advertisements get people thinking about their Christmas traditions.

“My family always goes to Boone the day after Thanksgiving to pick out our Christmas tree, so we can decorate it as soon as possible,” junior Riley Pilcher said.

Advertisements create an emotional connection that is only present for one time a year, might as well make it last as long as possible to spread the joy.