Flannel Thursday creates a sense of “flamily”

Salem, junior Elizabeth Kitley's dog, is part of Flannel Thursday's

Salem, junior Elizabeth Kitley's dog, is part of Flannel Thursday's "flanimal of the day." Many students contribute quotes, jokes or pictures of their pets for the Flannel Thursday Remind.

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As you roam around the school hallways, you might’ve noticed all the flannel, especially on Thursdays. It could be because of the chillier weather, but another explanation could be Flannel Thursday, a day many students and teachers set aside to wear flannels.

Flannel Thursday was started by junior Erin Kohn. What started as a joke has become a day that many students and teacher now participate in.

“It started as something small that I did with my friends and then I started this Remind, and from there it flourished,” Kohn said. “The Remind was made because a lot of people forgot about Flannel Thursday and I started coming up with corny flannel jokes to send out.”

Flannel jokes or quotes are sent out almost on a daily basis. On special occasions, a “flanimal of the day” is sent out. These are usually pictures of pets wearing flannel.

Flannel related puns are also the basis of most jokes and quotes.

“I like the funny stupid jokes. My favorite joke is, ‘What kind of flannel makes you sick? Flamonella,’” junior Meredith Sinkler said.

Many people enjoy the Flannel Thursday Reminds because it allows them to participate by contributing jokes or quotes. Students such as junior Jeffrey Parker have contributed jokes for the Remind.

“I thought of [the joke] because flannel is sick, and the only sickness that could rhyme with flannel is salmonella,” Parker said. 

More examples of flannel jokes include:

What kind of mammal wears flannel? A plaid-apus!

How do soccer moms like to accessorize their flannels? They wear flannie packs!

How do pirates punish people for not participating in Flannel Thursday? They walk the flank!

A frequently asked question about Flannel Thursday is why the day is on Thursday and not on Friday. Kohn has a reason for that.

“Fridays are for ugly Christmas sweaters and Crocs,” Kohn said.

Students are not the only ones who participate in Flannel Thursday. Many teachers also take part in this day.

“The teachers, like Mr. Strange [physics teacher], Ms. Beach [Latin teacher], Ms. Jackson [Latin teacher], Mr. Coley [psychology teacher] and Mrs. Deyton [AP US history teacher], are the most important people because it is nice to have a variety of people participating,” Kohn said.

If you don’t own any flannels but want to join Flannel Thursday, Kohn has a recommendation for you.

“Go to Goodwill and buy some flannels or you can just join the Remind for fun. There are about 50 people in it right now.”

Text @flannelt to 81010 to join the Flannel Thursday Remind.

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