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Drama department hosts haunted house for charity

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Drama department hosts haunted house for charity

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In the face of Hurricane Harvey, many were left with nothing. Some of these victims were good friends of drama teacher Abby Turner. After careful thought and planning, Turner and her theatre students came up with a way to make money to support the family and have a good, spooky time while they do it. This past Monday, October 30th, the drama department presented the first ever haunted house at Northwest. Comprised of a route moving from several rooms on the English and Science hallways, it featured a myriad of creepy and terrifying characters, including clowns, cannibals, murders and puppets. The cast consisted of students from outside of theatre as well as Turner’s students.

“Yeah, it was really fun. I didn’t even like scary stuff like that, I don’t like being scared, but I still liked it. It was still enjoyable.” Junior Elonie Quick said. Quick is in Turner’s advanced performance theatre class, as well as technical theatre.

“For the majority of the production, I was like a stage manager, which meant I had to keep tabs on what all was going on… I learned that leading is hard, [because] I really had to be a leader and step up. I made it through though, I definitely was able to do it. I have more respect for the people who lead now [because of it]. Quick said.

All of the proceeds from the haunted house were donated to the family who was victim to Hurricane Harvey, a total of over 900 dollars. Sophomore Emily Dunn recounted her favorite part of participating.

“With my job, I was a pusher, and so I followed the groups through and made sure people stayed on the path,” Dunn said. “I was able to see all of the rooms and all of our hard work come to life, which was really cool.” 

Many visitors of the haunted house had a good time, and many mentioned how well done the attraction was.

It wasn’t terrifying or lame, it was like a good middle point,” Quick said. “I can do makeup and special effects now. I could make it look like your face was falling off. The amount of work that everyone put into their makeup was amazing.”

All of the participants had fun and learned a lot.

You gotta do your job, you gotta learn how to work together. [You also] have to learn to be independent and how to do things right.” Dunn said. 

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Drama department hosts haunted house for charity