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Are Northwest’s bathrooms going down the toilet?

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Are Northwest’s bathrooms going down the toilet?

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Written-on walls, non-locking doors and empty toilet paper dispensers. Though these are broad details, most students can identify this as a description of Northwest’s bathrooms.

“I think [the bathrooms] at Northwest are pretty disgusting,” sophomore Rachel Abele said.

Across the board, both male and female students seem to agree that the quality of the bathrooms at Northwest is not what it could be.

“[The bathrooms] are pretty crappy,” senior Alex White said. “There’s no soap and usually there is an underlying smell. If you go to any [bathroom] in the old building, you’re in for a bad time.”

Also, despite the issues some find with bathrooms at Northwest, many can agree that there are a few that the students have little to no complaints about. Both Abele and White agree that any bathroom in the two-story building is of a decent quality and there are no problems there. Perhaps, the real issue is the age of the bathrooms of the main building.

Though some of the bathrooms at Northwest may have many issues, there are easy ways to fix it, and administration is working to fix the problems.

“Cleaning the stalls more frequently would make a big difference,” Abele said. “Maybe getting new doors would be useful, too.”

Though getting new doors would take a less immediate effect, cleaning the stalls more frequently could immediately affect the quality and condition of the bathrooms at Northwest.

According to assistant principal Donnie Watkins, who is in charge of custodians and facilities, however, there are limitations as to why the bathrooms aren’t cleaned as quickly as they should be.

“The building is at least 50 years old,” Watkins said. “We are also short-staffed, down three custodians and our lead custodian. There is also a hiring freeze on custodians. We are taking measures to address the bathrooms. With these issues to consider, the building overall remains clean, but we are having to do more with less.”

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Are Northwest’s bathrooms going down the toilet?