October is Respect Life Month


October is Respect Life month in the Catholic Church. Its origins date back nearly 50 years ago when abortion was nationally legalized as a result of Roe v. Wade Supreme Court case.

This court case decision has led to many changes in our culture, and with all subjects, people’s opinions vary in extremity.

As a Catholic I am pro-life. But I make my opinion and views. My parents don’t, my friends don’t and the Bible doesn’t. These people and things surely do influence my options and views, but they can’t force me to be one way or another.

In my opinion, abortions are not a form of birth control. It is not okay to have unprotected sex and then terminate the child just because you don’t want kids.  Anyone deciding to have sex should be responsible enough to bear the consequences.

One controversial question is: Should children be aborted if the parents cannot take care of the child due to financial or home situations? I do not think it’s okay. You’re responsible for your actions, and if you have made the choice to have sex, then there is risk. You should understand birth control’s effectiveness, your financial situation and your home life. If you’re in school and having unprotected sex, you should still be prepared for what would happen if you have a child.

Adoption is always a choice if you can’t take care of a child. In fact, October is also the month for Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness. Many couples or single people are reaching out for children. The woman bearing the child does not have to spend money, as the adoptive parents of the child will cover the cost.

However, I do acknowledge the side of pro-choice when someone has been raped. In these instances, there is no consent, and the decision to have sex was not made. The victim does not have control over what happens; thus, if the victim chooses not to have the child, then she has a plausible reason. But there have been instances in which mothers have gone on to have the children, discovering something beautiful out of something ugly.  So, even under these tragic circumstances, abortion is still not the only option.

After my confirmation into the Catholic Church, I made the decision to join Saint Paul’s Youth (SPY). While in SPY, I got to attend the March for Life, a pro-life march that takes place in Washington D.C. every year.

The trip was a prompt decision, and plans were made the week of after much debate. We left the church at midnight, the day of the march. We ate at a random McDonald’s at five in the morning and then got to Washington shortly after. Once we arrived, we attended a mass in the Verizon Center; many youth groups attended the mass and filled the stadium.

After mass, we walked around Washington and then later began the march. Vice President Mike Pence spoke at the march. We got be in a place with so many who had the same views, and it was empowering. During the march, we met many people and marched alongside churches, youth groups, other groups, schools and many others. The march was a great experience, and I plan to attend again.

While my opinion may vary from the strict Catholic views, and it certainly varies from that of many others, I still believe that every life is worth living.