What is Northwest watching: student’s favorite TV genres and shows

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What is Northwest watching: student’s favorite TV genres and shows

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Watching TV is a favorite pastime activity for many students at Northwest. From comedy to drama, the genre of shows students watch varies. One hundred students of the Northwest student body were polled about their favorite genres.

Out of 100 students polled, 57 students said that their favorite tv genre is comedy. Some examples of shows within this genre includes Friends, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Office.

“I watch family comedy on ABC every Wednesday night like The Goldbergs and Black-ish,” junior Joshua Hairston said. “I like it because those shows because they are sincere, heartwarming and funny.”

A popular comedy show that many students enjoy watching is The Office. This show, filmed in a documentary style,  follows the lives of employees at a paper company called Dunder Mifflin.

“The cut-scenes, the interviews and the characters are iconic,” junior Justin Richardson said.

Ten out of the 100 students said that they liked watching sports.

“I like watching all types of sports because I like the competition,” junior Chandler Whitson said.

Another favorite TV genre is fantasy and sci-fi. Eleven out of 100 students polled said that this was their favorite genre. Shows such as Arrow, The Walking Dead, Vikings, The Flash, and Game of Thrones were mentioned.

“I like Arrow because it is about a superhero but he has no powers,” junior Curtis Peaslee said.

Another favorite is The Walking Dead which follows a group of survivors following a zombie apocalypse. The suspense, intensity and zombies are things that make students, such as sophomore Robby Leon, like this show.

Four out of the 100 polled said that their favorite genre is reality TV. Many students enjoy watching reality shows because of the entertainment it provides of real individuals.

“My favorite reality TV show is Dance Moms,” sophomore Payton Rolland said. “I dance and the show is about dancers so I really like it.”

Eight out of the 100 students polled said that animation was their favorite genre. Shows such as Bob’s Burgers and Rick and Morty were among the favorite shows under this genre.

Seven out of the 100 polled said that drama is their favorite genre. The most mentioned show was Grey’s Anatomy. It is a medical drama about a group of doctors working at a hospital in Seattle.

“Grey’s is really intense and keeps you captivated,” sophomore Celeste Kidd-O’Brien said.

Lastly, three out of 100 said that mystery and crime are their favorite genres. Shows such as Riverdale, Criminal Minds and Law & Order were mentioned.

“My favorite show is Law & Order because i want to go to college and become a police officer,” junior Christian Dixon said.


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