What are Northwest’s teachers listening to?

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For many Northwest students, the idea of their teachers leading lives outside of the classroom is unfathomable. However, aside from the ability they harbor to pass or fail a student with one assignment, if nothing else, teachers and students can find common ground in one thing: music.

As expected, the genres and artists favored among Northwest’s halls are quite eclectic. Below is a list of current favorite songs as recommended by Northwest’s teachers.

To listen to the following songs and more of what teachers recommended:

Name: Kathryn Beach

Position: Latin teacher

Song: Gold Old Fashioned Lover Boy by Queen

Why: “I think a lot of people aren’t familiar with [Good Old Fashioned Loverboy] even if they listen to Queen and it’s just a great, catchy song.”


Name: Parker Jackson

Position:  Latin teacher

Song: 8TEEN by Khalid

Why: “It’s about being care free and embracing being a teenager. It’s fun to play in your car and just feel good to.”


Name: Ashlee Clark

Position: chemistry teacher

Song: Love Galore by SZA

Why: “She’s got a dope voice and her new album’s really good. I say if you’re going to listen to one song, you might as well listen to [Ctrl] the whole way through.”


Name: Jessica Smith

Position: math III

Song: Fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra

Why: “I love his voice and it’s the best to listen to when you’re relaxing or cooking or just winding down.”


Name: Joseph Hamilton

Position: pre-calculus teacher

Song: There’s Sunshine in My Soul Today by Jonah Taylor

Why: “I’ve been turning to spiritual music a lot lately. I turn this on all the time and my wife gets mad at me, but it’s positive and uplifting. It’s the type of song that, even when you’re not in a good mood, just thinking about the tune and the words is motivating.”


Name: Greg Shue

Position: American history 2 teacher

Song: More Than a Feeling by Boston

Why: “Three things: rhythm, beat and great guitar. You know how long it took me to have a favourite song? Years!”


Name: Julia Skaggs

Position: social studies teacher

Song: Ocean Breathes Salt by Modest Mouse

Why: “They’re my favorite band because the music itself speaks to people of all ages. The singer has a troubled life, but has managed to get through addiction and abuse and poverty and even a speech impediment to create.”


Name: Ashley Bost

Position: English III teacher

Song: Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift

Why: “This is going to sound really cheesy to say, but I’m obsessed with the beat. It’s a feel-good song, even though it’s about revenge. It’s my alarm clock and I wake up to it thinking, “I’ll take on the world.””