1990’s film “Pretty Woman” hits the stage


“Pretty Woman” is about to get a lot more jazzy. The musical is said to come out next fall.

You know and love the movie, but are you ready for it to become a musical? “Pretty Woman,” starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, originally came out in 1990, and was the gateway for Julia Roberts to show her talent on the big screen. Most of the original filming took place in Los Angeles, California. It became the fourth highest grossing romantic comedy movie of all time, and is supposed to take the stage in a big way.

The movie is about how Edward Lewis, a rich gentleman, falls in love with his hired escort, Vivian Ward. It’s definitely an unlikely romance, and not exactly what you would expect when trying to find your typical romantic comedy.

“It sounds exciting, and I think it would be a really cool idea to turn it into a musical,” junior Alexis Barton said.

The musical is said to arrive in the fall of 2018 at one of Broadway’s Nederlander theaters. It is said that some minor details of the movie will be changed some to fit the musical better, such as making Kit, the main character’s best friend, a little bit more aged. Paula Wagner and her crew aren’t going to change any iconic moments in the musical, for example when Vivian is brought to tears at the opera house.

So, who will be on stage filling the actor’s shoe in the musical? The characters in the new musical will be performed by Samantha Barks and Steve Kazee. Samantha barks is best known for her role as the actress who played Eponine in the 2012 movie production of “Les Misérables.” Steve Kazee is the Tony-winning star of “Once.” The performers are going to be singing songs co-written by Bryan Adams.

“I hope the musical has the flower scene at the end because it was one of my favorite parts,” senior Lindsey Nelson said.