Fall into fashion: fall fashion trends at Northwest


Senior Sade Ford shows off her typical fall outfit. Many students have changed the way they dress to accommodate for the cooler weather.

Angela Seo, features editor

As the weather gets cooler, there is a shift in Northwest’s fashion. Breezy summer outfits are put away, and out come the sweaters, boots and scarves as the students welcome a new season.

The change in climate means a change in wardrobe, especially when it starts getting cold outside.

“I like to stay warm and comfortable because I don’t do cold,” senior Maggie McGill said. “I usually wear leggings, scarves and thick socks.”

Senior Josh Scott got his style from his three sisters, who helped him put together his outfits until he developed his own sense of style. A lot of Scott’s outfits during this season includes fall colors and his staple pieces.

“My style includes a lot of flannel and a lot of fall colors like orange and maroon,” senior Josh Scott said. “I like to wear jeans and especially Clarks. Clarks are my favorite part of fall fashion, they just go with everything.”

Many students try to get creative and have different styles for the fall.

“My fall style is usually some high-waisted skinny jeans and heels, comfortable ones, about four inches,” senior Sade Ford said. “My other type of style would be the workout style: sneakers, socks, leggings, a comfy shirt and a bandana or hat.”

Students, such as sophomore Hannah McFarland, believe that comfort is key when it comes to fall fashion.

“I like to be warm and cozy during the fall,” McFarland said.

Freshman Hana Ishige agrees.

“You gotta be in style but you gotta be comfortable at the same time,” Ishige said. “I [usually] wear ripped skinny jeans, Timberlands and a knitted sweater with a white scarf on top.”

If you’re not sure what to wear during the fall, junior Lucas Spivey recommends anything plaid.

“Plaid, more plaid, a little more plaid, maybe a little denim,” Spivey said. “Camo is for Fridays and Saturdays, those are for the boys, baby. Red plaid, green plaid, blue plaid, God bless America, plaid.”