Four tips to make school a little easier

With school back in session, many students have been reunited with the woes they had left behind them with the end of the last school year: scrambling to write notes, forgetting due-dates and getting stuck with long, tiring assignments. Though school can seem daunting, the following tips can help make the experience easier and maybe even a little sweeter.


Sticky note calendar

Calendars, though they have fallen from popular use among many teens, have proven to be a great way of managing time and making sure projects and assignments are done on time. If you don’t feel like going to buy a calendar and have a ton of sticky notes at the ready, this DIY is for you.

It is as simple as it looks. Referencing a picture of the month’s calendar from google, place sticky notes, in the color of your choice, in the appropriate spots for that month’s days and number them. After this easy step, you can begin writing on your new quick and cheap calendar.


Tips for writing notes



In basically any class ever to exist, a certain amount of note-taking is required. Keeping these notes organized and readable, however, can be challenging.

 The picture above serves as a guide for a simple, organized way to take notes for most every subject.

It is important to properly label the paper so that, when referring back to it to study, you can easily tell which notes correspond to what topic. Make sure to have vocabulary and main ideas easily accessible by having them stand out, and provide sufficient detail below each word or topic.

Another pivotal part of note-taking is using shorthand for common words. Trying to keep up with the notes, especially when you’re writing only by ear, can definitely be tricky, so shorthand helps you hasten your note-taking to keep up with the presentation. Writing out full words takes too long, but changing words like with and through to w/ and thru, respectively, or the word number to # can add up to a lot of saved time.


Sticky note notes

As is in the name, sticky notes are both sticky and made for note-taking.

Substituting the use of a sheet of notebook paper for sticky notes, if it’s okay with your teacher, is an easy way to simplify note-taking from a text book or novel. If you find a vocabulary word or something in the text that you want to denote, grab a sticky note, take a pen and leave yourself notes for later discussion. When you’re finished, you can take these notes and stick them on a sheet of paper so they can be used for studying.


Motivation by sugar

When it comes to reading textbooks or doing long, multiple page assignments, most students get very bored very quickly. Focus and motivation tends to waver when faced with something tedious, so sometimes a little extra push may be needed. Sticking a small piece of candy between pages, for consumption only after those pages are completed, can be a good way to give yourself some incentive to finish your work.