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Teachers leave Northwest to the dismay of some

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In a time span of three months, nine of Northwest’s staff members abandoned Northwest, and, while a freshman may not know the difference, some upperclassmen and staff  members still at Northwest are greatly missing their former teachers and colleagues.

Five out of the nine staff members that left Northwest were from the science department.

“They were all good teachers but what you really miss, as their colleague, are their personalities,” science teacher Amy Hamilton said. “You just get so close when you teach together every day…it was hard to see them go.”

One teacher that left Northwest this year was physical science teacher Patrick Sams, who went back to school to further his education.

“Coach Sams was honestly one of my favorite teachers,” senior Caroline Mast said. “I had a friend pass last year and he was always there for me if I needed to talk. He’s an all-around great guy and genuinely cares about people. Him leaving was really sad and had me shook.”

Another teacher that will be greatly missed by many is environmental science teacher Chelsea Joyce, who left Northwest to work in a genetics lab.

“I am sad that Ms. Joyce left because she was one of my favorite teachers,” junior Hope Crook said.

Outside of the science department, chorus teacher Trés Ward left Northwest to coach a choral team from a Georgia University.

“Mr. Ward was one of the best teachers at Northwest, I think,” junior Katie Maille said. “He really tried to connect with all of his students and he felt kind of like a friend, at the end of the day. Seeing him leave was really disappointing.”

Whether you’ve had a teacher in your Northwest career that has left the school, many are in agreement that this year, Northwest is not the same.

“Whenever a teacher leaves, we see it as an opportunity to improve,” Principal Ralph Kitley said.

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Teachers leave Northwest to the dismay of some