Cities scramble to rebuild after Hurricane Harvey


Rescuers march through the streets of Texas. The destruction from Hurricane Harvey is devastating.

Hurricane Harvey slammed the Texas Coast leaving cities in destruction and devastation around 11 p.m. ET on Friday, August 25.

Harvey was classified as a Category Four hurricane with winds up to 130 mph and was 200 miles in diameter. Shortly behind Harvey came Hurricane Irma. Irma produced winds up to 185 mph and was estimated to be the size of Texas (which is 790 miles long).

By Sunday, Harvey had dumped 27 trillion gallons of rain over Texas. The damage it has caused is horrific; roofs have been ripped off, trees snapped, and buildings demolished. Catastrophic flooding put much of Texas under water. People are left in disbelief at what is left of their homes.

“My mom lives in Texas and as a result of Harvey, her house was flooded. She evacuated before the storm hit and is now trying to fix the damage that has been done. It is very upsetting,” Senior Rylee Wilson said.

This storm has $180 billion worth of damage which includes 312,000 houses along the coast. The United States House of Representatives has already approved roughly $8 billion dollars in initial emergency aid for Harvey relief and rebuilding. Estimates suggested the two recent hurricanes, Irma and Harvey, could together cost the US economy $290 billion.

“Both of these storms are terrible catastrophes that have destroyed communities,” senior Andrew Matherly said.

Not only has Harvey caused tremendous damage, but it has also killed at least 60 people and Irma has killed 42.

“To those Americans who have lost loved ones, all of America is grieving with you and our hearts are joined with yours forever,” President Donald Trump said during his speech in Missouri.

Since these storms, volunteers have sprung into action. A multitude of volunteers have been using monster trucks, jet skis, and boats to carry out stranded residents. The volunteer rescue effort has had an unforgettable impact on the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Irma as well.

Brave volunteers have played a crucial role in assisting the police, firefighters, National Guard, Coast Guard, and other government agencies. Volunteer groups are working tirelessly to provide shelter, emergency services and hope.