Seussical the musical: Students stun audience with amazing performance

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Seussical the musical: Students stun audience with amazing performance

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You walk into the school auditorium and you see, up on the stage, white panels with intricate drawings on them. There is no music yet, nobody on stage, only suspense.

Mrs. Cockman comes out and introduces the play, telling everyone to silence their cell phones, that they may not record or use flash photography. You reach into your pocket and put your phone on vibrate because you are intrigued.

And then it happens. The characters begin to appear on stage, effort and diligence woven into each bit of fabric on their costumes. They are smiling and singing and having a good time and you can’t help but smile, too.

This is Seussical. Not only one of the best productions the Northwest drama crew has ever put on, but a unique and fascinating play in general.

One of the most enticing parts about Seussical is that the audience is engaged the whole time. Characters walk out into the auditorium, singing and dancing. There is even one scene where every character has a flashlight and they’re all switching between shining them up on the ceiling and putting them below their chins to create a mysterious look.

It is evident through watching Seussical how much time and effort each student put into his or her role. There is not one person who looked like they weren’t having a good time doing what they were doing. Even minor characters weren’t so minor. The Things made the audience laugh with their silly, poofy blue hair and the Whos stole the show at the end when Horton had to save the dandelion puff.

Altogether, the story is interesting and enlightening, the characters are extremely talented, and the music is catchy. The beautiful combination of orchestra and drama brings an alternative perspective to several Doctor Seuss stories.

If you didn’t go see it on Thursday night, go see it Friday or Saturday. It’s worth it. You will come away from the show humming the cute melodies and tunes and wishing you had signed up for drama your freshman year.

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