Spotify vs. Apple Music: Streaming services play for consumer affection

Lindsey Nelson and Aidan Bennett

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Throughout the 21st century, many new technological advancements have been created. One of these advancements includes how simple it is to own music by your favorite artists.

From records, to tape recorders, to iPods now obtaining music is as opening an app on a smart phone. One of these well-known and easy-to-use apps is Spotify.

“[Spotify] is not hard to find songs. I just create my own playlist,” sophomore Emily Pearson said.

Spotify comes with features that include a search bar to search music by popular artist, having the ability to create playlists composed of songs of your choosing and ones suggested by the same artist by the app, a radio based off of a certain genre or musician and information about upcoming concerts with other details.

On top of all of the features, Spotify allows you to choose to have a free account or a paid membership. Even though the paid membership comes with more features, the free account also works well.

“I have a free account; paying for a trial wouldn’t be worth it,” junior Shelby Sweeney said.

Even though the features of Spotify are similar to other music apps, such as Apple Music and Pandora Radio, Spotify composes of different abilities. One of the things Spotify is best known for having is the ability to find songs composing of only a certain artist, instead of giving mostly other suggestions of a similar artist and is composed of full albums produced together.

“It’s better than Pandora,” Sweeney said.

The only disadvantage of Spotify is that some artists do not agree to place their music on the app. This is because of lack of payment for their music, since Spotify is free and allows you access to full albums created by artists.

“A lot of artist don’t allow usage,” sophomore Eve Golecruz. “An example would be Taylor Swift.”

Another feature is that you can continue to keep your free-trial longer than most. Apple Music makes you start playing for the app after a three month free-trial. Apple Music is also only available on Apple technology products; Spotify can be used from any internet source at any time.

“I use [Spotify] everyday, even when I’m in the shower,” Sweeney said.

Apple Music:

Spotify is a long-standing crowd favorite, so it’s no wonder that people love it. However, the Apple Music service, released late last year, has the ability to be even better. They are very comparable programs, but Apple Music certainly has the ability to outshine Spotify.

Apple Music and Spotify have an almost identical set of songs available for download, similar features, and the exact same monthly fee. Apple Music’s big draw is its ease of use with Apple devices.

While using Apple Music, it’s very easy to download songs and add them to your music library. “You can pick which songs you want. With Spotify and Pandora you can only listen to the songs it gives you,” sophomore Oge Obi-Rapu said. This makes choosing specific songs convenient for listeners. “With Apple, you can play any songs from any album,” Obi-Rapu said.

Apple Music also has a longer trial period than Spotify, at three months rather than one month. “The three-month trial lets those interested test it out before jumping right into it,” sophomore Kelly Doyle said. Apple Music’s three-month trial is a big plus, as users have time to get used to the software and become comfortable with the concept for a while instead of investing in the monthly fee after only a month.

Another bonus to Apple Music is the way music is displayed in the user’s library. After music is downloaded, it is placed directly into the music app that comes installed on all IPhones. This makes songs downloaded easily searchable through the phone’s built-in find feature, and all music is sorted by artist, album, song, and genre. This makes categorization and access incredibly easy. Simplicity like this is not present in the Spotify app, where music is added to a user-created playlist, rather than helpful categories. “I like this 100 times better,” Obi-Rapu said.

Apple music is a fantastic music subscription service, often overlooked due to its big competition, but nonetheless a well-made way for music lovers to receive almost unlimited access to their favorite songs. The biggest downside to Apple Music is its lack of Android compatibility; Android users looking for a similar system will be at a loss here.

Overall, Apple Music is the superior music streaming service and warrants a try from any interested consumers with an Apple device.

Spotify (shown left) and Apple Music (right) sit side-by-side. These two music streaming services are two of the biggest competitors for consumer interest in streaming.

Aidan Bennett
Spotify (shown left) and Apple Music (right) sit side-by-side. These two music streaming services are two of the biggest competitors for consumer interest in streaming.

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