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Stephanie Mayer
Hi, my name is Stephanie Mayer, and I’m a senior. I’m co-editor-in-chief, the front page editor, and the Arts & Entertainment editor for Northwest Horizons. Two years ago, I joined the paper because the journalism adviser, Mrs. Huynh-Duc, wanted me on staff. I stayed with journalism, however, because I discovered that it was one of the most valuable and exciting classes I could have taken during high school. I've learned so much from my time on staff, from becoming a better writer to learning more about the school and the student body. I’m fairly shy around people I don’t know, but in Journalism, you can’t just get away with never talking to anyone. You have to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and get interviews from as many different people as you can, and though it still kind of scares me to walk up to someone I don’t know and strike up a conversation, I’m glad that I have something to make me do it. I have so much fun planning the issues, and I've met so many people with which I can bond over writing and design. I also get to do some of the drawings in the paper, which is something I've always loved. We have so much fun making the paper, and hopefully reading it is just as entertaining.

Stephanie Mayer, Co-editor-in-chief, arts & entertainment editor, and front page editor

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