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2017-2018 Staff

Reece Gentry

Staff Writer

Hey there. I'm Reece, a sophomore and staff writer for Northwest Horizons. When I made the decision to take journalism, I kept thinking about how much I love writing and telling stories, hoping that I could transform it into something...

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Emma Welsh

Staff Writer

Hello, peers! My name is Emma Welsh and I'm a Junior and Staff Writer at Northwest Horizons. This year, I hope to better my writing and photography skills through this paper, while also meeting new people. When I'm not working...

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Kendal Quinlan

Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Kendal Quinlan and I am currently a senior. I am a staff writer for Northwest Horizons. This is my first year in journalism and I am so excited to be a part of this amazing staff! I am excited to be involved in...

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Megan Harkey


I am Megan Harkey, sophomore and staff writer at Northwest Horizons newspaper. Ever seen the 6' 5" girl lunging around campus? That's me! I play on the varsity girls basketball team and on the Dynasty girls AAU team. Joining the...

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Autumn Dixon

Staff Writter

Hi. My name is Autumn Dixon, and  I'm a sophomore. This my fist year on the staff as a staff writer. I joined journalism to increase my writing ability and spectrum of skills. When not at school, I take dance classes and care...

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Sarah Teague

Staff Writer

My name is Sarah, and I'm a staff writer and sophomore at Northwest Horizons.  I joined journalism this year to have a voice on current events and gain new skills to use in the future.  In my free time, I participate in church...

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Maggie Leybourne

Staff Writer

My name is Maggie Leybourne, and I am a senior this year at Northwest. I joined Journalism because I wanted to improve my writing skills before leaving Northwest Guilford. I'm a Staff Writer for Northwest Horizons, and I'm looking...

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Staff writer

My name is Viktoriya Kotting, and I am a senior this year. I am a staff writer on Northwest Horizons. I am in journalism because I want to get the truth out of the story, even if it's a small story. Journalism will help me with...

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Madison Ayres

Staff Writer

My name is Madison Ayres, and I am a junior and a staff writer for Northwest Horizons. I joined journalism because writing on the newspaper was something that sparked my interest and I wanted to be more involved with our school....

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Emma Fagerberg

op/ed editor

Salutations, my name is Emma Fagerberg. This year, I'm a junior, but, more importantly, I'm the Op/Ed editor and the social media manager of the Northwest Horizons. My goals as Op/Ed editor are to spark dialogue throughout the...

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Ethan Bailey

Staff Writer

Hello! My name is Ethan Bailey, and I am a junior at Northwest. I am a staff writer this year, and I'm excited to be on the staff. I am hoping to write fun and exciting stories that a lot of students can relate to. Hopefully...

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Savannah McCracken

Staff Writer

My name is Savannah McCracken, I'm in 10th grade, and I'm a staff writer this year. I've always really enjoyed writing and investigative reporting, and I believe writing for this paper is a perfect opportunity to strengthen my...

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Sydney Thompson

Staff Writer

I am Sydney, an 11th-grade staff writer. I am in Journalism to learn how to write technically and further my craft. My hobbies include writing and reading various genres, especially fantasy. I aspire to be a fantasy novelist.

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Nathan Vescio

Staff Writer

I am relatively  new to the Northwest community having moved from Wisconsin in 2016. I am a sophomore this year; I joined the Northwest Horizons staff to have a place to express my opinion and meet new people. I enjoy playing...

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Menna Ibrahim

staff writer

Hey my name is Mennatalla Ibrahim. Menna for short. I'm a senior and this is my second year on Northwest Horizons. This year, I am a Staff Writer and look forward to all that has to offer. I joined journalism because the idea...

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Angela Seo

Features Editor

My name is Angela Seo and I'm a junior at NWHS. This is my second year on staff and I'm the features editor of Northwest Horizons. I joined journalism because I wanted to be a part of the Northwest Horizons family. I play field...

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Maddie Lawson

news editor & layout editor

Hi! My name is Maddie Lawson, I am currently a senior and will be working as the news editor and layout editor. This is  my third year on staff and I find that its a great way to share the stories of those around us. I love to...

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Stephanie Mayer

Co-editor-in-chief, arts & entertainment editor, and front page editor

Hi, my name is Stephanie Mayer, and I’m a senior. I’m co-editor-in-chief, the front page editor, and the Arts & Entertainment editor for Northwest Horizons. Two years ago, I joined the paper because the journalism adviser,...

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Anna Yang

Contributing Writer

Salutations, my name is Anna Yang! I am a senior this year, and have been a contributing writer for the Northwest Horizons Newspaper the past 2 years. When I joined the staff my sophomore year, it was because I wished to develop...

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Logan James

Sports Editor

Hi! I’m Logan, I'm a Junior and I am the section editor for sports this year. I joined the staff at Northwest Horizons originally to learn more about writing and the process of writing for a paper. I run with the cross country...

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Alex Cake

Staff Writer

My name is Alex Cake. I am a senior staff writer at Northwest. I joined journalism because I wanted to improve my writing and am interested to pursue a career in journalism and media. One of my dream jobs is to become a writer...

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Aidan Bennett

co-Editor in chief

Hello, my name is Aidan Bennett, I'm a senior at Northwest, and I'll be the co-editor-in-chief for Northwest Horizons this year! I joined journalism sophomore year because I’ve always enjoyed writing, and this is a good cha...

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Montana Murphy

spread editor & managing editor

My name is Montana Murphy and I am senior at Northwest. This is my third year on the Northwest Horizons staff and I am going to be working as the spread editor and the managing editor. Journalism is a great way to learn and...

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