Finishing up the Northwest girls lacrosse season and heading into conference


Starting up the new season was a bit rocky at first for the Northwest girl’s lacrosse team. Many schools were able to gather a team together this year so the team was limited on the number of games scheduled to play this year.

Just like the other schools in the county, Northwest did not have enough girls for a varsity and junior varsity team. Many of the athletes of the team were impacted but have different opinions.

“With only having one team there are more underclassmen than usual, as well as a wider range of skill levels,” junior Carlie Saums said.

Due to Covid-19 and a changed sports schedule, the school was unable to provide a pre-season for this sport and also had to shorten the length of the season.

“It’s definitely weird not having all that time to prepare together but most of us have played together for a while so we just jumped in where we left off,” senior Riley McHall said.

Although everyone had to adjust to different circumstances including how the season was cut short last year, this big team is undefeated seven weeks through this year.

“This season I think the team is doing really well. We are undefeated so far and are looking strong on both defense and offense. And we are really starting to work together well, learning each other’s tendencies, making the game flow together nicely,” junior Isabelle Parrett said.

When it came to the long-awaited reunion of Northwest’s lacrosse team each player had a lot of time on her hands. Each girl had a way to stay in shape during the off season and growing stronger.

“I began eating healthier and working out every day, I had more time to go outside and work on myself so I would say this has benefited me because it has let me focus more on myself and what I can do to improve,” junior Tilde Hogberg said. Saums continued, “During quarantine I played lacrosse with my brother and dad a lot. I also went to the gym three times a week.”

Many of the players in every sport may be overwhelmed this year with the limited seating in the stands and masks/restrictions during every practice and game, but this team is taking advantage of the extra bit of diversity and range of talent and gaining the most they can from this year.

“I like having all the different grade levels because as a senior I get the opportunity to mentor some of the younger girls,” McHall said.

The team’s two seniors are both committed to North Greenville, Riley McHall and Katie Keller. About half the team consists of 11 juniors, with three of them committed to play Division 1 lacrosse in college. Carlie Saums to High Point University, Devyn Martinez to Davidson College and Isabelle Parrett to Mercer University.

So far, the team has earned a substantial amount of points, but a game against Weddington High school is coming up and this team will be met with some serious competition.

“I am very excited but nervous at the same time, however I think if we come off strong at the beginning of the game and play to the best of our abilities it will be a very even game,” Hogberg said.

Even with challenges met, this team and coaches, Kristen Herndon and Charlotte Kirwan, have persevered and worked together as a team to overcome them with conference and states left to go.