Color guard takes center stage


Andy Manry

The varsity winter guard team performing in their annual pre-season friends and family performance.

Color guard has been an ongoing extracurricular activity at Northwest for many years. This activity encompasses dance with an added layer of different props and elaborate costumes. 

“They’re using flags, rifles, sabers, dance, movement, choreography throughout the entire (performance),” director Brian McMath said.

There are two different types of color guard: the winter guard and the color guard that performs with the marching band in the fall.

“The fall guard performs with the marching band as the visual entity of the band… as characters, things, concepts,” McMath said. “The winter season is the same idea but they perform to soundtracks that are created and they create their own things.”

The winter guard is currently competing and have won many tournaments already through their intricate dances and choreography.

“It is a show based on their music and it’s just the guard,” McMath said. “We have a JV team and a varsity team.” 

Traditionally, there have been three winter guard teams. However, the recent shift from three to two teams was deemed necessary going into this season.

“Due to numbers, rehearsal spaces, staff, things of that nature, we have combined half of our JV and varsity together, and we have taken our cadettes and other half of JV together to create two teams,” McMath said.

This new change has caused a drastic change in the overall structure of the team, as well as the dynamic between teammates. 

“Last year, it was a lot more intense. Most of us were very experienced, and then this year, it’s not that way,” freshman Peyton Tucker said. “So we’ve had to do more basic stuff and work harder to make sure everyone’s on the same page.”

Despite the extra measures being taken to succeed this season, the team is still holding true to their primary goal: winning the crowd’s hearts.

“It’s about wanting to be the fan favorite,” Tucker said. “We like to get the reaction from the crowd and just connect with the people in the audience by being all together and performing really well.”