Athlete of the week: Emma Craig


Craig posing with the champions’ banner after winning the 2019 NCHSAA Cheerleading Invitational.

Emma Craig, a main base for the Northwest varsity cheer team, is no stranger to success. With two state champion titles and a world champion title under her belt, she has worked tirelessly for many years towards achieving these goals.


How long have you cheered for?

“I’ve been cheering for about 8 years,” Craig said. 

What made you start cheering?

 “I needed something to do in my free time as a kid,” Craig said. “It just stuck with me.”

How has it been competing on Northwest’s competition team?

“Being on the competition team has taught me so many lessons,” Craig said. “It’s really given me a new perspective on cheer.”

Do you have any pre-competition rituals?

 “I always get ready with my two friends, Avery Payne and Layton Howard,” Craig said. “We always get Dunkin Donuts before we compete.”

How has it felt to earn the title of back-to-back state champions?

“Going back-to-back was such an amazing feeling, just knowing that all of our hard work paid off,” Craig said.

What do you think has been your team’s and your personal key to success?

“Our key to success is… expecting something to go wrong, but being trained to make it work,” Craig said. “We work very hard to make things perfect and hold ourselves to a very high standard.”