Girls’ and boys’ basketball prepare for upcoming games


Basketball is coming back into play. Both the boys’ and girls’ teams are shaping up to have an exciting season.

The boys’ team ended last year winning the regular season conference championship and made it to the second round of state playoffs. Running on the success of last year, the boys’ basketball team has high aspirations for this year.

“We have a really good team, so I hope we can come out and make a deep run in the state playoffs,” senior point guard Robbie Boulton said.

They believe this could be one of their best years, combining the last few years of growing and honing in on skills to have a successful season. 

“We have seven returning seniors and we are very experienced,” Boulton said. “It’s been the year we’ve been waiting for and anticipating for our entire high school careers, especially for me being a senior and my last year.”

As a senior and his last year on the team, Boulton aspires high with wanting to end the season with averaging 10 assists and 8 points.

 “The dynamic (of the team) is pretty much to win every game,” Boulton said. “We’ve been playing together for a really long time so we have some chemistry.”

Although the season has just started, the team hopes for a very rewarding season where they advance far into the state playoffs.

“The goal is to go as deep into playoffs as we can, hopefully win out in conference and just win every game,” Boulton said.

The boys’ basketball team will play away against Southwest on Tuesday, Dec. 3, in a non-conference game at 7:30 p.m.

On the other hand, the Lady Vikings will have to face their unexpected loss last year in the fourth round of playoffs. 

“It was really hard, but I feel like it’s a driving force for us this year,” junior power forward Riley McCall said.

Along with the devastating loss last year, the team must face new coaching staff. For some this may seem daunting, but the girls’ basketball team is up to the challenge.

“Adjusting to a new coach is normally a difficult task, but so far Coach Hackett, her coaching staff and our team have made the transition seamlessly,” McCall said.

The girls each bring something very unique to the team that helps them create a stronger squad and sense of unity.

“My hope for the team is we push each other towards success; every girl on the team adds something different,” McCall said. “For myself, my hope is what I bring to the team will be an asset to our teams success.”

The team is like a family and the dynamic is only fortified through the combined years of playing together.

“Most of us are friends outside of basketball and that helps us on the court,” McCall said. “We also essentially have the same team as last year, with the seniors filling the role of the team leaders.”

With their renewed spirit, the hope to make it to the state championships and to win it all this year. 

The girls’ basketball team will play home this Saturday, Nov. 30, against Asheville in a non-conference game at 1 p.m.