Varsity Viking basketball competes with the Ragsdale Tigers


Madison Ayres

Senior Cayla King dribbles down the floor. She is back in action after a three week injury.

A new rivalry has sprouted between Northwest and Ragsdale. After the girls’ upsetting defeat at the HAECO against the Tigers and the boys’ triumphant win of the championship against Greensboro Day School; the games were destined to be dog-fights.

The girls were able to claim their conference once again with a 42-23 win over the tigers. With senior guard Cayla King back, the ball handling to break Ragsdale’s press went a lot smoother.

“It feels pretty good to be back with the team,” King said. “I missed playing with them.”

King’s high ankle sprain that she suffered in the Smith game at HAECO is still sore, but getting better.

The Vikings held at least a ten point lead for most of the game and did not let the Tigers come back in like at HAECO.

“We put in some new plays because they knew most of ours to surprise them,” King said.

Junior Reagan Kargo was able to make a difference on the wing with her shooting abilities and Junior Thalia Carter utilized her speed to get to the basket. Kargo scored her career 1000 point during the game and was celebrated with King who scored her 1000 at an away game.

Junior Megan Harkey had six blocks and was effective in the paint on defense. Sophomore Jadyn Murray also played great on defense and had several offensive rebounds.

“Even when (Ragsdale) drove (into the paint) we had two bigs in the paint which distracted them,” King said.

The high scorers were Kargo with 17, Harkey and Carter with eight and King with seven.

The girls still play Ragsdale at least two more times this season so they cannot let their guard down against the Tigers.

“It was our home court so we couldn’t let them win,” King said.

The Viking boys were defeated in a heated game with a score of 67-58. The game started off with two technical fouls against Chris Hampton and Dean Reiber.

“Our players have to be smarter than to get two technicals and after we got them it was just a snowball effect,” junior guard Robbie Boulton said.

The Vikings had a good lead of nine points, but it quickly became a tied game in about three minutes.

“We let them back in the game and when they got the lead, we couldn’t get back in the game,” Boulton said.

The high scorers were Reiber with 27, Boulton and junior Christian Hampton with 11 and junior Brandon Thomas with 9.

Next time they play Ragsdale they hope to improve upon their transition defense and create a solid game plan.

Both teams played hard last night and hope to continue their good seasons. The boys and girls now have a record of 13-4 and their next game is Tuesday, Jan 29 at Grimsley.

All pictures taken by Madison Ayres. Pictures of the boys’ basketball team were not able to be acquired.