Nike sponsors Northwest’s sports teams

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Nike sponsors Northwest’s sports teams

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Many of the Northwest sports teams have become sponsored by Nike as of the 2017-18 school year. Being sponsored by a brand means that all future uniforms that are purchased must be Nike. This has perks and drawbacks, for coaches, players, and parents.

Players are usually excited to get new uniforms, especially if they are brand-name. The volleyball team purchased a new set of Nike uniforms and had the option to purchase Nike shoes and spandex. The older uniforms were Under Armour and Mizuno, although Northwest was not sponsored by either brand.

“[The Nike uniforms are] nice quality and very airy,” junior Grace Johnson said. “They don’t just feel good, but they look good! As a team, we looked tight and fierce! I love them!”

Some coaches have a different perspective on the Nike contract. When being forced to purchase a brand name, it leaves limited options for coaches. These uniforms can also be more expensive, even with the sponsorship. Often, the sponsored brand is more expensive than the previous jerseys that were purchased.

“A set of jerseys runs about $5,000,” Northwest Women’s Lacrosse Booster Club member Rob Ayres said.

Northwest teams are running fundraisers to help raise money for new jerseys and other items like equipment or warm-up shirts. Women’s lacrosse has been selling tumblers for 20 dollars, earning 40 percent of the proceeds. The fundraiser is being wrapped up today, November 13th. Fundraisers are a really important thing to do because it helps determine the future of the team. If a lot of money is raised, that ensures that there will be significant funds available for the program to use in the future.

At the beginning of the season, the football team sells “Viking cards”, which have many different sponsors listed that will provide some kind of discount if the Viking card is used. For example, Burke Street Pizza advertises a free order of garlic knots with any purchase. Viking Cheerleading sells Northwest spirit wear around the same time period.

Now that Northwest is affiliated with Nike, this provides benefits for both school and vendor. Northwest gets discounts and merchandise, while Nike receives exposure and their own sort of advertisements through high school athletics. Overall, this contract will have a positive impact on the school as a whole and possibly reap more benefits in the future.

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