Teamwork needed to help hurricane victims


Northwest’s varsity volleyball team huddles together before a game. The Hurricane Irma fundraiser is being planned for one of the next home games.

Our sports teams want to make it easy for Northwest students to contribute to hurricane victims.

Last Friday night, student council representatives from both Northwest and Northern Guilford organized a collection for Hurricane Harvey victims. The goal was to fill up two box trucks with new materials.

A lot of Northwest students believe that we need to support the hurricane victims during this chaotic time.

“It’s important because it helps draw the community together,” senior secretary Andrew Matherly said. “[The fundraiser] helps give our athletes an opportunity to show their good character”.

The volleyball team is also planning an event to raise money for Hurricane Irma victims. It will be hosted within the next few weeks. Money is the best way to get involved and the proceeds from the fundraiser would go to Red Cross or another non-profit organization.

Hurricane Irma and Harvey have impacted countless people already. Donating as soon as possible is very important to ensure that the victims get the supplies they need.

“Every second in time matters for people’s lives,” junior Grace Johnson said. “…time is crucial and you can’t wait forever to donate…”.

Northwest students will have multiple opportunities to help with hurricane relief in the next few weeks. Several sports teams are planning fundraising events and will announce details soon.

In many parts of Florida, Hurricane Irma caused major damage. The streets were flooded and trees were knocked down.