Athletes in different leagues: JV vs Varsity sports

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Football, Basketball, Baseball, and every other sport at Northwest is enjoyed by most of the student body, whether the students are playing or spectating. The catch is that some students are gifted enough to make Varsity but others are “only on JV.” While it may be true that Varsity teams are the ones that play in playoffs and receive letters, JV is equally as big of an opportunity because it gives players a way to practice and still be a part of the school’s programs.

“JV baseball is a preparation for Varsity basketball,” Football and JV Baseball coach Parker Frazier said. “JV Football is a preparation for Varsity football. The reason that JV sports exist are for you to practice to prepare yourself and the team for Varsity.”

JV teams also provide a lot less pressure to players because aside from winning conference, there is no state tournament to play in. This gives more of a low-pressure environment for players to play in and games become more like a practice than an actual game. This differs from Varsity where players are expected to be at their peak skill and be able to execute what is necessary to get the win.

“I made the Varsity [Baseball] team,” freshman Gavin Mortinson said. “But I’d rather play JV because there is less pressure to succeed and if i mess up, it’s not as big of a deal [as if I were] on Varsity.”

Despite this low-pressure environment, games can still be very competitive and turn out to be good, close, suspenseful games. Sometimes, crowds for JV games that are big rivalries can be up to the same as the turnouts for the Varsity games. Overall, JV sports are not overshadowed by Varsity sports at all and provide more of a “training ground” to cultivate athletes to prepare them for the Varsity stage.

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