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Nike vs. Under Armour

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Nike vs. Under Armour

Logan James and Alex Cake

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Rivalries exist in every sport, and can sometimes carry over into the brands that allow the same sports to be played. In this way, brands have managed to create fierce competition and passionate followers of either. One such rivalry in the sporting apparel world is that between Nike and Under Armour, two brands that have had an age-long rout that hasn’t ceased since its creation. Student athletes that wear these brands everyday know their pick, once again carrying on the age-old tradition of competition between the two.

One of the most iconic apparel items in the sporting world is Michael Jordan’s signature line of shoes. At the time, they were game-changing and remain a staple of the basketball world to this day.

“Jordan set the goals and tone for basketball; players strive to be like him,’’ Junior Stanton Grady said. “He is the the best, if not second best player there ever was in the sport.”

In 1985, these brand new, specialty basketball shoes were released. Basketball superstar, Michael Jordan created his iconic brand called “Air Jordan.” These shoes are known as one of the most reliable basketball shoes that all players can wear.

           “Nike is better because they are more comfortable and popular.” Freshman Jeremy van Duin said. “Also my dad is a former employee at Nike so he buys a lot of their stuff.”

           Nike was founded by Phil Knight in 1964 and began the franchise by selling merchandise out of the back of his car. It was based on the Greek winged goddess Nike and the iconic ‘’swoosh’’ was created in 1971, which currently represents the franchise.

Due to its widely known brand, Nike is one of the most popular choice for most athletes to wear.

‘‘I love the style, quality, and appearance [of Nike’s products],” Grady said.

Under Armour, founded in 1996, by Kevin Plank, they focus around making athletes warm and comfortable in cold conditions, beginning the franchise in a basement.

“I think the quality of Under Armour and Nike are pretty similar,” Grady said. “[However] I don’t believe Under Armour holds up as well as Nike.”

The quality of either brand is a major selling point for athletes who need a dependable product. If they’ve had a bad experience in the past, that may be a reason for them to not go back to that brand in the future.

Overall, Nike is more popular than Under Armour, but there is still competition between the two giants of the sports apparel world.

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Nike vs. Under Armour