The Flex move: What’s the impact?


Flex period has changed several times in the last couple of months and the latest move to the end of the day has divided the Northwest community.

With the change in schedule, students may stay for instructional tutoring or independent work. Moving Flex to the end of the day has given students the opportunity to leave school when Flex starts if they do not need tutoring. Having the chance to leave school 30 minutes early gives students the ability to get to work earlier and avoid traffic. On the other hand, students can use this time to talk to teachers and get help on work they may not understand. Students can also use Flex to make up tests and quizzes.

Out of 98 responses to a posted four-question Google form, here are the results:

Would you rather stay for Flex or leave early?

58 students said they would rather leave early.

32 students said they stay for Flex.

“I will stay but I prefer having Flex early, it served as a break, at the end of the day it isn’t really a break no more,” one student said.

Multiple students had the same opinion and agreed that getting out of the parking lot has become a lot easier.

Do you like having Flex at the end of the day compared to before the 5th period?

40 students said yes.

25 students said no.

“Yes and no, I liked the opportunity to study before my last classes but I also like having the time at the end of the day,” one student said

If you do stay for Flex, what do you spend your time doing?

37 people said they spend Flex hanging out with friends or teachers.

11 people said that they stay for tutoring.

A lot of students provided their opinions that they do not get a choice to leave early because they ride the bus.

One student gave a very detailed statement of what their day looks like once Flex starts.

“I work on homework or sit on my phone. Flex space is honestly an extra 30 minutes where I wish I was in the comfort of my own home. Flex spaces are limited, therefore if I don’t have a teacher I feel comfortable with or I don’t have any mutuals in an open classroom my only other option is to sit in the cafeteria, which to be quite honest feels disgusting after a long 8 hour day and half an hour bus ride.” that student said.

What does being able to leave school early give you the ability to do?

Many students added that they use this Flex time to spend more time at work or to get homework done.

“Start homework, etc., I find flex to be pointless because I don’t need tutoring most of the time. If I stay for flex I always end up playing on my phone,” one student said. Most enjoy having a little time at the end of the day.

“Gives the students the ability to decompress and get ready for work or sports activities after school.
Being dismissed early also relieves stress on students and can improve mental health.” Mental health is a very important thing and school can be a huge stressor on students.

It is important to always have your flex pass at hand when ready to leave early!