Seniors anticipate college decisions


Students are eagerly waiting to hear back from the admissions office at schools like Duke University.

As the second semester and countdown to graduation begin, most Seniors have already begun to contract “Senioritis.” Often seen procrastinating on assignments or not attending class, these students are ready for the next milestone in their life: college. However, some of these seniors don’t know what their future will hold, as their choice colleges have still not contacted them. Many public colleges have chosen not to release their admission decisions until the end of January, while certain out of state and private schools will not release their decisions until the spring. 

Senior Lauren Cheney* is still unsure as to what school she plans on attending, as she is waiting on her admissions decision to reach a conclusion. 

“I applied to Duke, NC State, Emory, and UNC Chapel Hill,” Cheney said. “I haven’t heard back from Duke or Emory. It’s annoying because so many people that applied to schools like (Appalachian State) or UNC Charlotte already know where they’re going.” 

Emory University, a private college in Atlanta, Georgia, is not releasing their admissions decision until March 1, making it difficult for seniors like Cheney to prepare for the upcoming year. 

Senior Shanna Kim is also waiting to hear back from Emory University, along with six other schools, including Washington and Lee University, Lafayette College, and George Washington University. 

“The entire process has been anxiety-inducing” Kim said. “I want to go to Washington and Lee. Since I applied early decision, I have to go there if I get in.”

“It’s very stressful waiting to hear back from these schools” Cheney said. “I’m already half-way done with my senior year, and I still don’t know what’s happening this year.”

As for now, the senior class is forced to endure the long wait, in hopes of securing a future spot at their choice schools.

“At this point, all we can do is take it day-by-day,” Cheney said.

*Name has been changed at the request of the student