Young Life club offers students community, fellowship

Young Life club offers students community, fellowship

In high school, any high school student may be wondering what club he or she should join. That’s exactly what many  students at Northwest are trying to decide.

One such popular club is Young Life.

“Young Life is a nationwide Christian organization through schools,” sophomore Caden West said.

Caden discovered Young Life because his older brother did it and loved it. He also heard about it from his pastor at his church, who has been involved with this organization for 20 years. This club meets every Monday night at the Center United Methodist Church and could give someone who is wanting to learn and figure out more about their religious beliefs a place to go to talk.

“I think YL is a great way to become closer with God and friends but also have a good time,” West said

West highly encourages giving it a try, saying, “I like YL because it’s a fun time with my friends from school and because we can grow closer with each other and with God.”

Shawn Melton who leads the Young Life freshmen and sophomores at Northwest wants to give everyone the best experience as possible while developing friendships with them.

“I love how it takes kids from different backgrounds and social circles and puts them in a setting where they don’t (have to) care about that and just have the time of their lives together,” Melton said.

Someone who might be struggling with making friends could see this as an opportunity to reach out and meet new people.

“At YL, we sing songs and everyone gets into it and goes crazy. We also play games and do skits. After the final game or skit, we sing some worship songs and listen to a 10-minute talk from one of our leaders,” West said

This club also provides a chance to escape the stress of school and the outside world for one night a week and just focus on the people and fun activities around you.

Hearing of this someone who is not very religious may wonder if this club is right for them, but YL leader Shawn Melton thinks otherwise when asked whether he encourages kids to join.

“Of course I’d encourage kids to join YL! Whether you are religious or not, no matter your background, Young Life is a great way to make new friends and pretty much be at a party every Monday night,” Melton said.