Giada’s Trattoria: Bravo-style food but better prices


This meal at Giada’s Trattoria in Kernersville was more than enough food for four people. With a price tag less than what one would pay at Chick-Fil-A,, I highly recommend this delicious restaurant.

Have a special occasion coming up? Or maybe even a first date? Giada’s Trattoria Italian restaurant is the perfect place.

Located at 210 N. Main Street in Kernersville, Giada’s features a nice patio area adorned with Christmas lights that help set the mood. Going into the restaurant, it is a nice open space with soft music playing; however, it did take a while to get seated.

The restaurant has a plethora of choices with a five-page menu; in addition, they also offer seven different kids’ meals that include a drink and dessert. You’ll find Italian classics on the menu, including veal, seafood, chicken, sandwiches, stove-oven pizzas and even make-your-own pasta options.

We started out with the ranch fries as an appetizer. The dish was large and so well made with melted cheese and bacon on top. Our waiter also brought out bread for us–fluffy with lots of butter and garlic topping it off. In my opinion, it was the best bread that I have ever had.

After the drinks came out, we ordered our food. I opted for the homemade lasagna, and I also tried the chicken Parmesan.

We did not have to wait long for our food to come out, and when it did, the portions were big. My brother and I had to split the lasagna, and my parents split the Parmesan. Even with four people sharing two entrees, we still had plenty left over for dinner the next night. The lasagna was a very authentic Italian meal with thick pasta and ample mozzarella and ricotta cheese. The chicken Parm was also very authentic with delicious sauce, noodles, cheese and large portions of chicken.

In addition to my family and I going, two of our neighbors also tagged along. My little brother and his two friends ate kids meals that were also almost as big as the adult portions. The kids’ menu ranges from authentic Italian food to chicken tenders. The kids’ meals were also very well cooked and big enough portions to make everyone happy

After we finished eating, the waitress boxed our food up for us and brought us the check. The price ended up being cheaper for seven people to eat there, including the appetizer, than for three people to eat a Bravo or Chick-Fil-a.

I strongly recommend coming to this family friendly and authentic Italian restaurant.