Burger Batch shakes up good reviews

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Burger Batch shakes up good reviews

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Home to some of the craziest shakes in North Carolina, Burger Batch has made claim to two locations. The original location is in Winston-Salem, while the newer location is in High Point. Burger Batch’s specialty is the creative burgers and shakes that they serve.

As a first-time customer, going to Burger Batch for the first time was a great experience. Being with friends in a fun environment was even more enjoyable with the combination of tasty food. I choose to try the High Point location. Walking in, I immediately noticed the neon light signs embellishing the walls. They added a sense of creativity to the restaurant.

The first item I ordered was the “Mac Daddy” burger. This concoction consisted of swiss cheese, mac and cheese, ranch dust and maple bacon. The mac and cheese melted in my mouth after each bite, complementing the crispy bacon. The burger also came with a side of hand-cut fries, which were well-seasoned.

After my friends and I finished our burgers, we knew that we had to order some of the huge, decked-out shakes that Burger Batch is well-known for. Some of the shakes we ordered were called “It’s a Surprise”, “Peanut Butter Brownie Batter” and “Black & White.” I ordered the s’mores flavor, a chocolate shake with graham crackers, marshmallows, coco puffs and chocolate chips. There seemed to be more topping than milkshake, whipped cream accounting for a significant portion of the glass.

“[Burger Batch’s] burgers are one of my favorites, but their giant milkshakes are worth every penny,” sophomore Brennan Berry said.

My only complaint about Burger Batch would be the cost of my meal. It was a little pricey, but I enjoyed the experience nonetheless. I will definitely have to go back another time.

“[The food] was delicious, however very overpriced,” junior Erin Kohn said.

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