Haunted Attractions: Which is best?

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Haunted Attractions: Which is best?

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Classic haunted attractions, like Woods of Terror, Spooky Woods and SCarowinds, pop up across the state late in September to begin the Halloween season. Which haunted house is the best and most worth the price?

Woods of Terror
Woods of terror, an award-winning haunt, is a popular spot among Northwest students. Woods of terrors main attraction is a trail composed of themes from the Purge, classic horror movie and much more.

“The best section is the graveyard or vampires,” sophomore Brooke Johnson said.

The short line is a big plus, allowing things to go smoothly and quickly.

Going through the trail, I stood in the back and found it subpar. By the time I got to the characters they had already came from their hiding spots and missed me. The characters and sets were amazing and made up for the lack of jump scares.

Once exiting the trail there is a variety of enjoyable activities available in the Monster Midway. There are games, food and more. It’s a good area to socialize and get pictures with the classic characters.

It’s defintely worth its value, which varies by day, but I’d recommend going with a small group if you want a good scare. The trail featured the best wait time, characters and sets.


Carowinds, located in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a theme park many students visit in the summer. During the fall season the classic theme park takes a hunted twist. The park becomes mix of haunted houses and rides; brewing up a perfect Halloween night.

The mass crowds I experienced while on my visit led the characters to be somewhat unnoticeable. The short hours and maxed out lines minimalize the time for haunted houses and lead to a decision of “should I ride this” or “should I go in this haunted house.”

The sets located throughout did mimic haunted houses and allowed for multi-tasking when running to the next ride.
The cost is very average compared to the haunted trails in Greensboro, but the park offers much more with their rides, restaurants, and haunted houses. It was the best for its value.

Spooky Woods

Spooky Woods is generally a less popular attraction with the students at Northwest. Located at Kersey Valley in Archdale, it’s farther away and less of a social scene. The trail offers a variety of themes on the trail as well Woods of Terror, with themes inspired by the Lost colony and even a Zoo. Spooky Woods vastly modifies the trails themes of every year, unlike Woods of Terror.

Spooky Woods has vastly changed since I last visited. I went with a smaller group to Spooky Woods and found the trail to be better. I was more fearful and had provided good laughs. The line was long but not as busy as SCarowinds.
Spooky Woods seemed to have the best variety and was the scariest out of all three attractions.

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