HIGHlights of breakfast: Waffles vs. Pancakes

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In recent years, there has come to light a controversy that is widely known, and, surprisingly, it doesn’t bring politics to the dinner table. Instead, it brings total war to the breakfast table. Do you prefer pancakes or waffles?


Flapjack, hotcakes, silverdollars. Whatever you choose to call them, pancakes have been around since the Neolithic Age. Made originally with ground einkorn wheat, as well as other simple ingredients, pancakes have proven to be made with or without a pan. Waffle makers were not even created until the 13th century. Pancakes can be made easily, and you can never truly mess up a pancake. Pancakes are amorphous and can take on any shape as you please. That most likely explains how pancakes have a ubiquitous popularity within different cultures, ranging from French crêpes, Ethiopian injera  and Japanese okonomiyaki. Pancakes have many different functions; you can stack pancakes, make different dishes, find them at almost any restaurant, and you can put whatever you would like inside and outside the pancake. Speaking of restaurants, there is an International House of Pancakes for a reason. There is no such thing as an International House of Waffles; there is no IHOW. HOW is it that the only restaurant that has waffles in the title is usually located in sketchy locations? HOW is it that waffles need chicken to be iconic? Why does it need a sidekick? Pancakes have successfully stood on their own throughout the years of breakfast. To waffle is to be indecisive.


Originated as wafer irons, or “moule a oublies,” in the 9th century, the ancestors of waffles have an elegant background and have been present for over an era. Common recipes for waffles can be traced back as early as the 13th century and have been, and continue to be widely popular all over Europe. This may be due to their many pros. For starters, unlike pancakes, waffles have holes within which they can hold syrup without it becoming an unholy terror, like pancakes. Due to their origin and design, waffles are commonly molded into fun shapes and characters, where pancakes continuously fall flat in this category. For example, Disney World only sells waffles that are in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head. Also, unlike pancakes, which are only a complete meal if you eat maybe two or three, waffles are wholesome and filling, leaving your hunger satisfied with only the consumption of one. They are also far more accessible than pancakes. We’ve all seen Eggo Waffles, haven’t we? And, even further than that, waffles extend far beyond the breakfast table, making it a quite versatile food. One of the most classic southern foods is chicken and waffles, a delicious meal that can be eaten at any time of the day, not just in the a.m.  The only con of eating waffles is the difficulty of making them. Although fun, in order to make waffles, one must have a waffle iron. However, pancakes only require a frying pan. Although, all great things take time and finesse, much like waffles– the best breakfast option.

Poll Results:

From a poll taken of 50 Northwest Students and Teachers:

10 preferred pancakes

17 preferred waffles

19 said they enjoy both


4 didn’t like either

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