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A peaceful transfer of power, with chaotic backlash.

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Nov. 8: The date when all the hard work from both parties was put to the test and the candidate whom the people favored was determined. For some, it is still a shock that Republican Donald Trump won the presidential election.

Fast forward to Jan. 20– the inauguration of the 45th American president. This part Friday,  president-elect Donald Trump was sworn in at the United States’ 58th inauguration.

Although this ceremony was a peaceful transfer of power, some of the events leading up demonstrated anything but peace, with celebrities refusing to perform and riots popping up across the nation.

With singers refusing such as Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake and many others, it had almost become a popular thing to refuse to show support for the new president.

Aside from celebrities, others have formed in the masses to show their disapproval.

Originally starting as an anti-Trump protest, the protests in DC eventually escalated into a riot, with people lighting trash cans on fire, vandalizing businesses and setting cars ablaze in the middle of D.C. streets. At the end of the day, police reportedly arresting over 200 people.

Only in office for half a day, Trump has also already encountered backlash for signing his first executive order rolling back Obamacare. But it doesn’t stop there. A Woman’s March is happening today in D.C. with predicted numbers of around 150,000 people and other marches around the world.

The protesters might find it disappointing, though, because no matter how much chaos they cause, or how many times they march against the country’s new leader, the law of the land still applies. Donald J. Trump will hold the position of president until Election Day in 2020.

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A peaceful transfer of power, with chaotic backlash.