Big Hero 6 Review

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By Faith Rickerts on November 17th, 2014


Big Hero 6 is a heartfelt story told through beautiful animation, lovable characters and robots. Set in the futuristic world of San Fransokyo, where ‘Bot Fighting’ is illegal and odd helicopter-like machines fill the sky, Big Hero 6 is not a typical Disney Animation.

Based on the Japanese Marvel comic Big Hero 6, it is a story of a fourteen year old, Hiro Hamada, grieving over the loss of his big brother, Tadashi. With the help of Tadashi’s friends from the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology and a big, white, inflatable robot, Hiro slowly comes to terms with his brother’s death.15305699260_610baf8025_z

In true Disney fashion, this movie will tug at your heartstrings. But it is also incredibly funny with dry, slapstick humor. And you also can’t forget that it’s a superhero movie, so it is jam packed with action scenes. The creators took advantage of the tools of animation by creating over the top car chases, clever superpowers and innovative world building.

The animators did a fantastic job of building the world of San Fransokyo and developing the characters which helps you completely immerse yourself in this make-believe world. The beginning felt slow through the introduction of all six main characters, but it is well worth the wait because of the compelling story line.

Overall, Big Hero 6 is a sincere story of the family-like bonds you create with friends and the friendship you gain through family. With no fairy tale origins or a princess in sight, this isn’t your normal Disney movie. However, with the heart wrenching back story and the relatable, lovable characters, it does have the classic Disney aspects we all know and love.

Big Hero 6 is a movie for all ages. With clever jokes aimed at the older audience, slapstick humor that makes most anyone laugh and the numerous action scenes paired with tear-jerking moments, Disney has done a great job bringing the perfect superhero movie that anyone can enjoy.

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