Obamacare evaluation

The implementation of The Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, has gone less than smooth.

            In the beginning, the website could not be accessed, and when it could it was slow and stuttering. This was mainly because the website was not tested as heavily as it should have, and so was not used to the amount of traffic it was getting. Eventually, Americans could get into the registration system, but even then it would freeze and disconnect at inopportune times.

            But that was two months ago. Now, with the deadline of Jan 1 less than a month away, is the previously broken website ready to start distributing to the general public? From a lengthy review of the website, I can say yes. From my mediocre, three-year old laptop with two bars of wi-fi, I was able to browse plans and go through the first steps of registration without a hitch.

            However, it wasn’t perfect. At one point, the browser stopped working, which was due to a script that was causing heavy usage on my computer. And occasionally, links would move after I clicked on them, especially if they were a picture.

            From the standpoint of the average American, this healthcare.gov isn’t any worse off than any normal social media website, and, I believe, ready for it’s deadline on Jan 1.