Homecoming 2013: Through the eyes of a senior

To a senior, the dance this year was tolerable. Having seen three previous homecomings, it was neither the best or the worst I’ve ever seen.

The music was popular, but not really what you would call dancing music. In fact, the only dancing that was going on was grinding, but even that dissipated after 11 o’ clock.

They hosted the dance in a different building this year, instead of one of the main halls. That was refreshing, I’ll admit, as it was bigger, and the decorations were exquisite compared to some I’ve seen before.

As far as turnout goes, there was a fairly large representation from underclassmen, while senior and juniors seemed to adhere to the rule, “arrive late and leave early.”

Refreshments were breath mints and soda, which is what it is every year, so no large improvement there.

All in all, I think the dance was very well done, especially for a dance that isn’t really the biggest of the year.