Additional Teachers to the Northwest staff adjust to new circumstances along with students


There were many additions to our teaching staff this year, who had to adjust to the new learning environment along with a new school.  

Among the staff is Tara Culbertson, who teaches Chemistry and Honors Genetics.  

Ms. Culbertson previously worked at Northwest for 10 years and left to work at Piedmont Classical High School. She was there for five years before deciding to come back to Northwest.  

(It was a) smaller setting at PCHS (and I decided to) come back home to NWHS (because I) missed it here!!!” Culbertson said.  

As can be expected, this position is challenging, but she finds positivity through working with her students and doing the best she can for them

“I have always loved NWHS and am so happy to be back home to where I will hopefully retire many more years down the road,” Culbertson said. 

Along with her is Kelly Hamel, who teaches Beginning Visual Art (Art I/II), Proficient Honors Art III, and Advanced Honors Art IV. 

She lived and taught in Oregon before moving to North Carolina to work as a substitute teacher at Northwest and Page High School. Before being hired at Northwest, she worked as the digital art teacher at Kiser Middle School. 

“I like the challenge of teaching Digital Art because I enjoy working with computers, but I am excited to be teaching traditional visual arts here at Northwest, as drawing and painting are my first loves,” Hamel said. 

Even though there are many challenges, she is happy to have the opportunity to work here at Northwest alongside all the great students and staff; she is very excited about how wonderful the arts department is at this school. 

 “It is a time of constant adjustment to see what works best for curriculum and methods to help all my students love and develop skills and maintain a love of art!” Hamel continued to say, “Even though it is very different from in person, I enjoy interacting with students in live class and seeing the amazing artwork they are creating.”