Class registration begins today for underclassmen

Class registration begins today for underclassmen

Registration is rolling around once again. The time of year that is hectic for students, teachers, and parents alike, and the time of year everyone is asking their friends, “What classes are you taking next year?” Registration at Northwest is always busy because of the sheer size of the school and the limited class spaces, and there are many important dates one should be aware of heading into it. 

“Students should be getting their registration packets on Feb. 12 (today); their packets include a registration sheet they have to fill out and it lists all the classes we are offering,” counselor Elizabeth Lucas said. 

Lucas went over the registration procedure as a whole, stating while there were not many changes this year, it is imperative that students pay attention to the dates and ensure the classes they sign up for originally are going to be the classes they will want to take in the coming fall. She also reminds students because the registration process is completed over Powerschool, one must know their login information.

“There will be instructions on how to register through the Power School portal; what’s really important that students know their login for Power School in order to sign up for classes,” Lucas said, “It’s absolutely imperative; if they don’t know their login they should follow the instructions to reset it.”

This hectic time of year is essential for one’s high school career, but also for college applications when the time comes for that. Colleges will look at the workload each student has had over the course of the four years, it is important students not only take challenging classes, but classes they are interested in and will have motivation to do well in.

It’s important that students take registration seriously, and not just put down what their friends are taking or an easy class; we make class availability based on how many requests for each we get”

— Elizabeth Lucas


Schedule changes are never easy, for students and faculty alike. More stress than any years prior is put upon students to truly ensure the classes they originally sign up for will be the classes they intend to take in the coming fall semester. Ensuring one has signed up for the correct classes reduces the number of class change request forms that need to be filled out over the late summer/early fall, many of which cannot be accepted anyways due to limited availability. 

“We just don’t have a lot of space in our schedule and we don’t have any new people to teach stuff; we have the amount of teachers that we have,” Lucas said. “This class coming up is one of the largest classes we’ve had in a while, we are going to have to have a lot of sections for freshman classes and not much wiggle room.”

While there are a few changes made in graduation requirements, such as Civics and Economics being split into different sections, these changes will only affect the incoming freshman class, and is nothing that current students should be worried about moving forward. Students should proceed to take their scheduled courses as they originally planned. 

“There’s a few changes to graduation requirements that the state made, but it will only be applied to the new 9th grade students,” Lucas said. “But the main stress is just ensuring students take registration seriously, it really makes the whole process much easier.”