Students make a difference one penny at a time


Cancer, a thing that nobody wishes to have but is inevitable in the lives of many people young and old. For years scientists have been working towards a cure but the the search has not come at a small price. It is up to cancer awareness groups such as the American Cancer Society and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) to support the doctors and researchers and help them find a cure.

For about 6 years, the Service Learning Ambassadors, a club at Northwest, have been putting on a fundraiser to assist in the fight for a cure. The club advisor is curriculum facilitator, Susan Orr.

“All of the money goes to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and they then in turn use the money in three different areas, one is in research to try to find a cure, the other is to support the families and patients as they are going through treatments and the other area that is supported is their advocacy and policy change,” Orr said.

LLS has many ways to get connected to donors to fund their research but they usually get connected through schools with their Pennies for Patients campaign. 

“The goal that we set is always lofty,” Orr said. “I would love for our school to have a $10,000 goal.”

Though in past years Northwest has never met their monetary goal, Orr hopes to raise $5,000 for LLS.

Students can help by donating money online through their fourth period teacher’s online donation sites through LLS or in cash by donating to their fourth period teachers collection box.

You can make a difference, one penny at a time”

— Susan Orr

“One of the things (students should learn) is how to give back and trying to empathize with families who are dealing with illnesses that they have no control over,” Orr said

Orr is drawn to LLS because it affects more teenagers and younger children than anyone else.

“Just being able to see there is something other than my life and what can I do to impact others, not just through LLS but through service learning in general,” Orr said.