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Students prepare for the PSAT on Wednesday

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College is on the mind of every student at Northwest, and one of the most important pieces of getting into college is testing. A good score on the SAT or ACT can allow a student to get into a better school than one of their peers with a lower score.

This is one of the major reasons that students are given tests such as the PreACT or the PSAT. These assessments are meant to serve as a benchmark to let students know what they should do in order to raise their scores on the real thing when they decide to take it.

“I don’t really like taking three-hour tests,” sophomore Jimmy Lee Brown said. “But I understand why we’re taking it, and I agree that we should be taking it.”

All sophomores and juniors will be taking the PSAT on Wednesday, Oct. 11. This test was designed to mimic the real SAT in its structure and scoring.

“I want to know my score on it,” junior Courtlyn Leonard said. “[Then] I can use it to see what I need to study for the real thing.”

Because it is modelled after the SAT, it can also be used to speculate about how a student might be able to do if they were to take the actual SAT at that time. It also shows areas where a student is strong in and what areas they are weak in. This information can help aid both students and teachers in customizing each student’s learning experience.

Some freshmen will also be taking the PSAT on Wednesday. This leaves seniors, who will also be working on their profile for college application and furthering their education after high school. Seniors have the option to either visit a college, work on service learning, shadow a job, or work on college applications.

“I think it’s fair that seniors get to go out and visit colleges,” Brown said. “They’ve gone through the same tests before, and I know that we’ll also get the chance as seniors.”

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Students prepare for the PSAT on Wednesday