OCS students learn how to fold the American flag

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Northwest Exceptional Children’s teacher assistant Debra Fyler sponsored a special event at Northwest on Thursday, Sept. 21.

Her children, Nathan and Elizabeth, came during first period to demonstrate how to fold the flag for the OCS class. Nate is a member of the Navy, and Elizabeth is a Navy Sea Cadet.

“Flag folding is important because you’re not supposed to let the flag touch the ground,” Nathan Fyler said. “If it touches, you’re supposed to properly dispose of it.”

Following the folding demonstration, EC students felt they learned a great deal about the American flag and its importance.

“I’ve learned how to fold the flag properly, not to let it touch the ground, and how to put it up,” sophomore  Kelsey Cheney said. “[Flag folding] helps show that we are Americans, we have respect and we are strong.”

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